1 Combo plus 1 Log Screen Supercombo (with introductory discount)

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This Combo contains:
1 XGuard Pro C75 Power System with Telemetry!
1 XRemote XGuard Remote Board
1 XStrobe XGuard Strobe Light
1 XLog XGuard Log Display Screen



This Combo contains:
1 XGuard Pro C75 Power monitoring and Backup System with Telemetry!
1 XRemote XGuard Remote Board
1 XStrobe XGuard Strobe Light
1 XLog XGuard Log Display Screen


XGuard Pro C75 Features built it into the unit:

Backup Power Pack with 75 Farad capacitors
Overvoltage protector
Reverse polarity protector
Short Circuit protector
Servo Back EMF protector
Static electricity protector
200 event Logger
Two Telemetry ports. One for Mikado and one for Spektrum. Optional expansion modulesĀ  for Futaba S-BUS, Jeti and FrSKY
Fault tolerant design defaults to fully connected in case of malfunction
One Remote Board port for controlling the system from an optional Remote board
Strobe Alarm Light port to connect the optional Strobe Lights or Sonic alarm
Four power Ports (Master + Slave from ESC andĀ  Master + Slave to receiver/FBL)
Slow current draw ramp-up to prevent overwhelming the ESC with inrush charging current.
Protection against over-charging the supercapacitors above 8.1V for long term supercapacitor durability
Pin-type Servo Connectors to avoid soldered wires that can fatigue and break
Real-Time Operating System with mission Critical Coding will keep on attending and reacting to alarm events regardless of other functions working at the same time.

XGuard Programmable Operating Modes

  1. ESC mode for small undervoltage sensing from ESC’s BEC
  2. BATT mode for receiver battery empty sensing when voltage drops to 5.5V
  3. Daisy chainable for large Aircraft allows to put several daisy chained XGuards to add capacity.



XGuard Remote Board :

  1. Place XGuard anywhere hidden in the aircraft and control it from this small board
  2. It has all the same indicator LEDs and Buttons plus additional features
  3. Hot pluggable


Alarm Strobe Lights :

  1. Photo Flash Camera-type strobe lights
  2. Built-in voltage booster to work even when caps are low in voltage
  3. Extremely low power consumption via burst compression
  4. Thick PC Board so ceramic components don’t crack from vibration or torsion and screw placement outside the components area so torsion won’t cause components to crack.Also available 100dB audible alarm (as a separate product: XBuzzer)


LOG Display when using optional remote board

  1. Up to 200 events stay in permanent memory until another event happens in a different power up.
  2. Log Monitor LIVE vs LOG

Additional information

Weight 3.42 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1.75 in