IRCHA RC Heli Toolbox App

This is a site for info on the IRCHA RC Heli Toolbox App.

If you’re looking for the Pitch Gauge Phone Mount Click Here

These are the available apps inside the IRCHA RC Heli Toolbox App.

IRCHA Related

This section is used to access the IRCHA website, to do the following:

  • Access IRCHA’s Main Site
  • Access the Jamboree info
  • Register for IRCHA’s Jamboree
  • Vote on IRCHA sanctioned competitions

Interactive Head Speed Calculator

This section calculates head speeds interactively by sliding the dots and finding the desired head speed. It uses both one and two stages (2 gear and 4 gear).

Ultra-High Precision Pitch Gauge

This section is used to measure the incidence angle taking advantage of the very precise accelerometers present in today’s phones and using the high power processor present in the phone to do high-speed digital signal processing of the accelerator’s signals.

The buy button will take you to the purchasing page of the Ultra-High precision Pitch Gage phone holder.

The pitch Gage Mount can be purchased by clicking here

Altitude and Max Speed Recorder

This section is used to show the altitude of the flying field so that pitch changes can be made accordingly and if you have an old small phone you can strap it to your heli and record the maximum speed it does while flying.

Units Converter

This section is used to make unit conversions in the most commonly used units in the RC Heli Hobby.

Talking Flight Timer

This section is used for pilots that either don’t have timers or who want a more feature-rich timer for the flights.

Flappy Heli Game

Touching the screen the heli jumps gaining altitude and drops when the screen is not touched while the pillars advance allowing you to adjust the height to pass the pillar..
High Scores can be stored in Apple’s game center servers for record keeping.

RC Heli Manuals

This section takes you to the IRCHA page on RC Heli Manuals.